Personal Injury & ICBC Claims

The Role of Doctors & Therapists

Obviously, your doctor and therapists will play in a key part in your treatment and recovery from your injuries. Both medically and legally, it is important that you visit your doctor on a regular basis until you have substantially recovered from your injuries. It is also important, both from a medical point and legal point of view that you provide your doctor with an accurate history of your complaints and full and thorough explanation of what problems you are encountering. If you do not, your doctor may not be able to properly assess and treat you. Legally, it may affect your doctor’s opinion which could have a negative influence on your claim.

If you are making a personal injury claim, you have a legal obligation to minimize the effects your injuries have on you and to promote your own recovery. This means that you have an obligation to follow reasonable medical advice, including attendance for appropriate therapy. Your doctor will advise you whether or when a therapy or a rehabilitation program is appropriate and may make a recommendation as to what program would be best for you. Sometimes, the insurance company will want you to attend a program of their choosing. While the program they suggest may be beneficial, your doctor is in the best position to judge your needs. You may wish to discuss the insurance company’s request with your doctor or lawyer to determine if it is appropriate for your needs and the best course to follow. There may be alternatives that better suit you.

The insurance company may also wish to have you examined by a doctor of their choice (an I.M.E. or independent medical examination). Depending on your circumstances, you may have little choice in this. Before agreeing or refusing to attend this examination you should obtain legal advice.