Injured in a Car Accident? Stick to One Primary Caregiver

A person injured in a motor vehicle accident must try, wherever possible, to have a single dedicated family physician who will be able to assess the injuries, assist with recovery and orchestrate whatever treatment is necessary to that end.

In addition, the importance of having a dedicated family physician (as opposed to 7 or 8 different caregivers from one or more clinics) is of significant importance owing to the fact that the principal tool for assessing the extent of injuries (and the value of the injury claim) is the medical legal opinion that your lawyer will request from the primary caregiver – which is typically the family physician.

That opinion is often impossible to obtain if the injured party seeks advice and treatment from a variety of caregivers. In those situations, it is often impossible to obtain a medical legal opinion, which means that it is often very difficult to assess the fair value of the injury claim.

If you do not have a dedicated family physician for an ICBC claim, it is sufficient to simply choose one primary caregiver from any clinic you have previously attended and to stick with that caregiver throughout the duration of your treatment and recovery from your motor vehicle accident related injuries.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Daniel Harlos or Simon Murphy of Beck Robinson & Company who will be happy to assist you with any additional questions regarding your ICBC injury claim.


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