Business Law

Business Law includes many areas of law, such as corporate law, partnership law, property law, contract law, employment law, etc. Most businesspersons are required to deal with legal principals on a regular basis. Whether one purchases an existing business, purchases a franchise or starts a business from “scratch” he or she will most often need the assistance of a lawyer to deal with such matters as:

  1. acquiring the assets needed to operate the business;
  2. negotiating the terms of the lease of the business premises;
  3. in franchise situations, reviewing and understanding the franchise agreement
  4. if purchasing an existing business, negotiating a sale/purchase agreement, applicable  negotiating a restrictive covenant preventing the vendor from competing with the business being purchased, and performing due diligence searches
  5. preparing employment agreements;
  6. preparing partnership agreements;
  7. incorporating companies to operate the business and own the business assets;

Whether you are considering purchasing a business, operating a franchised business, starting a new business or if problems arise in a business you already own, it is important to obtain competent legal advice, BEFORE proceeding further. You should consult a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with business transactions of the type that you intend to enter.

Our firm has considerable experience acting for business clients who we have assisted buying and/or selling many different types of businesses, from hotels to franchised restaurant operations, travel agencies, restaurants, seniors’ facilities, jewellery franchises, etc. We have assisted clients who establish new businesses by reviewing and negotiating leases, contracts, employment agreements. It is always our goal to ensure that our services are cost effective for our clients.

If you are considering acquiring or disposing of a business or have an existing business and suspect may require legal assistance you should consult a lawyer before taking any further action. Often by obtaining legal advice at the early stages of a transaction, serious and expensive problems can be avoided.

When we are consulted by a prospective client, be it for business related matters, or otherwise, we identify the services we can provide, give a time frame for the completion of our services and give as accurate an estimate as possible of the cost of those services. If you would like to discuss a specific matter, please feel free to contact us.